You must show you are progressing academically and passing exams to advance to the next year of the program.

  • You must provide proof of full-payment of courses to the higher education institution.

  • You can only stay in Ireland for a maximum of seven years.

  • Students must show a letter of renewal to prove they have maintained private medical insurance.

  • Evidence of payment of the course fee to the institution should be available at the time of applying for the visa.

  • Language proficiency evidence is a must.

  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover living expense, tuition fees and stay in Ireland is necessary.

  • The process takes up to eight weeks and the status can be checked online.

There are six types of major award available in Ireland to obtain Student visa based on a Degree:

  • Ordinary Bachelor Degree (3 years duration).

  • Honours Bachelor Degree (3-4 years duration).

  • Higher Diploma (1 year duration).

  • Postgraduate Diploma (1 year duration).

  • Masters Degree (1-2 years duration).

  • Doctoral Degree (approximately 4 years duration).